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What is the Content Localization Portal?


Why is communication important?

Communication Channels

How to use the communication feature


Email Notifications




This document serves as a guide to the Content Localization Portal Communication. The CLP is a work in progress. Updates will be added. 


What is the Content Localization Portal?

The Content Localization Portal (CLP) is a project management application designed to house apps and pieces of the dubbing process in one toolset. The vision is to provide accurate information, which is organized in a digestible manner, generating actionable tasks for all users. 


In other words…the CLP is a Netflix tool for dubbing requests (dialogue lists, pivot language dialogue lists, as-recorded dub scripts, and audio descriptions scripts) management.


🗒️ NOTE: 

  • Linguists should not have access to the CLP.
  • The CLP is a work in progress. Updates will be documented here.



  • To access the CLP, users must have the dub portal user role in Starship.
  • To access the Authoring tool, linguists must have a dialogue list author and/or dialogue list proofreader role in Starship.


How does the CLP work?

There are 5 Parts to the Content Localization Portal: 

  • Projects
  • Schedule 
  • Show Guide
  • Request Management
  • Communication


This document will focus on communication in the tool.


Why is communication important?

The communication functionality brings conversations relating to projects into our tooling to increase the visibility of Netflix and Partners.


Communication Channels

There are 2 channels of communication:

  • Broadcast
  • Direct Messaging  



Netflix has the ability to easily communicate project-pertinent information (i.e. launch date being pushed, reminders around bid submissions, the QC status of the Final IMF, etc.) to all partners working on the project. This type of communication is “Broadcasting”. Partners cannot send broadcast messages, they can only view them.


This includes messages from Netflix employees and Netflix Robot messages (automatic messages). 


Image 1 Netflix Auto audio availability message


Direct Messaging

Users can directly message their Netflix partners. These messages are private between each vendor and Netflix.


🗒️ NOTE: 

  • Direct messages are partner-specific in nature and as such they are tailored and directed towards only the partner working on the language(s) in question. 
  • Inter-partner communication (i.e. Partner A talking to Partner B) is not supported. ***Partner messages remain private with Netflix***


How to use the communication feature

It is strongly recommended that users are “Following” the projects they are working on in order to take full advantage of the Communication functionality. Watch the video below to learn how to send a message.


Attaching files

This ability to attach files to messages removes the need for users to fall back to regular email when providing or referencing additional documentation.


The maximum file size limit is 10MB per attachment. The following file formats are attachable: 

.ai, .bmp, .csv, .eps, .gif, .heif, .ind, .jpeg, .jpg, .mov, .mxl, .pdf, .png, .psd, .raw, .svj, .wav, .webp




To tag a user, type "@" and type the user's name or email address. It's possible to tag both “followers” and “non-followers” in a message. Only the mentioned user will receive a notification.

Image 2 Mention


Keyword Search

Users have the ability to search using keywords within project conversations. This allows users to quickly find the information they’re looking for without having to scroll through all of the previous messages.


Simply select the desired channel, and type the word(s) in the keyword search field at the top of the conversation. All messages with those words will populate.


Image 3 Keyword Search


In “My Projects,” a blue icon with a number will pop up next to the title of the project when a new message is available. Selecting it will redirect the user to those new messages.

Image 4 My Projects notifications


Email Notifications

Email notifications are triggered by different events:

Message Type Email Notification
New Broadcast All external followers on the series project, across all vendor channels, will receive a notification.
New Direct Message
  • If from an external user: All internal followers will receive a notification.
  • If from a Netflix user: All external followers, within the specific vendor channel the message was sent, will receive a notification.
Mention (Tagged Users) Only the mentioned user will receive a notification.

For a quick walkthrough of the communication feature, follow along below:




For support with technical issues in the tool, select “Help” on the top right-hand side of the CLP to submit a ticket. Please note, that our Netflix team supports multiple tools across the business. 


Image 5 Help ticket example


Please include

  1. A summary of the issue, steps taken before the issue appeared, and a description of any troubleshooting steps already taken.
  2. Urgency context, i.e. deadlines. For example, is this delaying or blocking any workflows?
  3. Any relevant data. For example, filtered URLs, MID, Request ID, Package ID, Task type, Target language, etc. 


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