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Content Localization Portal: Introduction

The Content Localization Portal (CLP) is Netflix’s new project management tool that brings together a variety of tools and functions in a single location. These tools/functions include:

  • Scheduling
  • Communications
  • Request Management
  • Show Guide

The CLP will evolve throughout 2021 and beyond. To keep up-to-date with the latest developments of the CLP be sure to check out the “Dubbed Audio Resources” area of the Partner Help Center. As new tools/features are added documentation will be added there.

Accessing the Content Localization Portal

The CLP is accessible via https://contentloc.netflixstudios.com. In order to access the CLP users must have the “Dub Portal User” role in Starship. If you are unable to add this role to your user's profiles please reach out to your Netflix representative.

Backlot vs. Content Localization Portal

The CLP works in conjunction with other tools such as Backlot to ensure there is a single source of truth when data is shared between systems. The creation of Source Requests in Backlot by your Netflix representative is the trigger for our systems to create projects and tasks within the CLP. Data flows from Backlot to the CLP so that any changes made to source requests will be accurately reflected within the CLP.

While Backlot remains the main system via which users will upload/download material to/from Netflix the intent is to ensure that where appropriate as much material is available in both Backlot and the CLP. A good example of this is the Show Guide functionality where the show guide can continue to be downloaded from the “Download Materials” tab of a Source Request in Backlot, but it is also available within the new Show Guide tab within the CLP. Regardless of where a user downloads the Show Guide the latest version is always being downloaded.

Partners will be expected to utilize both Backlot and the CLP in tandem.

Global Dubbing Project Managers & Sub-Assignees

Some functionality of the CLP spans across Global Dubbing Projects Managers and Sub-Assignees. An example of this is the new Scheduling functionality that will be released soon. For the initial launch of the Scheduling functionality, both parties have full edit rights to the schedule. Responsibility rests with the GDPM to ensure that both parties are aligned from the outset as to how to interact with the schedule in the CLP for any given project, the specific rules of which are up to the GDPM and sub-assignee to work out together.

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