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Localization Billing Instructions - Product Trailers Dubbing

These instructions are only for work being placed by the Netflix Content Localization team and they do not apply to other teams, including PR, Global Marketing, Global Marketing Operations, and Local Marketing.

Netflix requires Purchase Order numbers (POs) to be referenced on all Product Supplementals Localization Dubbing localization work relating to Product Supplemental content as contracted by the Netflix Dubbing teams. The POs are generated and maintained by Finance Operations.

Grand Bazaar Supplemental Billing Process for Dubbing Costs:

1. Once a bid, for a corresponding service, has been ‘Hired’ (i.e. Approved), Grand Bazaar will automatically create and email the initial ‘Hired’ version of the PO to the partner. Please do not submit an invoice for the ‘Hired’ bid PO unless it states “Upfront Deposit (Prepayment)” in the Notes section.

Please Note: POs are created once a week (Friday - unless month-end processes dictate otherwise) when Grand Bazaar syncs with the Netflix Billing tool. Partners may have to wait up to a week to receive an approved PO depending on timing.

2. 10 days prior to the service end date, Grand Bazaar will send a notification reminding the partner to update their bid with final costs. Once final costs have been updated and approved, a revised ‘Final’ bid version of the PO will be emailed to the partner for invoicing purposes.

3. Upon Project Completion Email invoices to StreamingAP@netflix.com and SubsDubs@netflix.com for payment processing. 

      • Issue Invoice to the Netflix entity as listed on the PO.
      • Reference the PO number on your Invoice.
      • Include the PO number in the subject line of your email.
      • Email your invoice to StreamingAP@netflix.com and SubsDubs@netflix.com
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