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The VFX Media Review pipeline allows vendors or production users to submit VFX media to the studio for review.  Submissions are uploaded to Workspace and prepped and submitted through the VFX Media Review pipeline in the Mailbox tab.  This pipeline creates a playlist in Shotgun for the Studio to  review.  If you have questions regarding the Shotgun review and notes workflow, please reach out to your VFX contact.  

High Level Workflow Walkthrough

  1. A VFX facility or Production uploads media to a Content Hub workspace.
  2. A Mailbox Submission folder is created and named following our naming best practices 
  3. A CSV made from the Netflix template (additional specs can be found here) is imported  into the Mailbox submission. Please note, the order of media listed in the CSV is the order the media will playback in Shotgun.
  4. The media in Content Hub Workspace is then imported into the Mailbox submission, matching against the media listed in the CSV.
  5. The submission will go through inspection, encoding, and will output a  playlist in Shotgun for review.  


Uploading Shots to Workspace

Log into Content Hub, navigate to your project, select the Workspaces tab, and click on the blue Upload button. A pop-up will appear where you can drag and drop, or select your files to upload. You can also drag and drop directly into a folder.  Please make sure the files you want to submit are nested in a parent folder. 


Figure A

This will kick off the upload via Aspera. After the files have completed uploading, you can check to ensure that all files were uploaded as intended. 


Figure B

VFX Media Review Walkthrough

Log into Content Hub, navigate to your project, select the Mailbox tab. 


Figure C

Click create the New Submission button in the upper left corner. This will automatically launch a new submission window where you will select VFX Media Review from the drop down, Studio as the Recipient and name your submission to meet our naming spec.  Once the configuration is done click create.


Figure D

From the new screen click Import Asset List and navigate to your CSV, that meets Netflix spec, or simply drag and drop the CSV. Select import and then the asset import tool will populate.


Figure E

Navigate to the files either in your Workspace or Workspace Shares, and set your source, the folder that contains your files. Then click Review Import


Figure F

Click Import and the shots will be added to your submission.  You’ll see how the page refreshes and how assets will start to be updated. There are 3 possible statuses for each clip:

  • In Progress - CSV has been imported and the media hasn’t been attached to the submission yet. 
  • Failed - It may fail because:
    • Your media has failed inspection or encoding.  
  • Completed - Media has been found and is ready for submission.


Tip: If there are failed items, you can click on the ‘status’ button, and Content Hub will provide a description of the problem.

PMR_07.gifFigure G


You can add any notes and click Submit. If you do not hit Submit, your submission will not create a playlist and will remain “In Progress” until submitted.


Figure H

Once your shots are submitted nothing can be added or removed. A Shotgun playlist is then generated for review and a confirmation email will be sent back to you, as well as to your VFX team at the Studio. If you have any questions about email notifications, please reach out to your VFX contact.

You can check the status of your submissions in Mailbox. You can check the status of each file attached to your submission by clicking on the individual status. You can also view your files in workspace by clicking on the ‘View In Workspace’ button. 


Figure I

If you are having trouble please follow these instructions on how to troubleshoot. If the troubleshooting steps do not resolve your issue please follow instructions on how to share from Workspace and file a Content Hub support ticket.  



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