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The following article has been written specifically for the new MacOS ‘Netflix Footage Uploader’ application.  Therefore if you have been instructed to upload through Content Hubs ‘Mailbox’, please see our ‘Footage Backup’ documentation on our Partner Help Center.





On Set Media Management

  • Camera & Sound cards should be backed up on set and 3 copies should be created

  • xxHash64BE MHL files should be used as your checksum 
  • Once the files have been backed up and verified through the Netflix Footage Uploader tool to the Netflix Data Center storage, the camera/sound cards and rotation drives can be erased.

  • Media on the additional RAIDS should not be deleted until the 2nd copy ("Archival") on Netflix storage has been copied and verified 

  • Once the Netflix Archival copy is made (this could take upwards of 48 Hours), the on set RAIDS are free to be erased at any time.



How to know when media has been backed up and verified?

Back 1 of 2 - Netflix Data Center Storage

The Netflix Footage Uploader application will be used to upload all camera and sound masters into the Netflix Data Center storage. 


Figure B

The status in this software represents both the upload and the checksum verification.  Therefore if this software or the final email you will receive upon completion, state that the process has 100% completed and there are no errors flagged; all of the media has been backed up and verified in our near line storage.  Therefore you are clear to wipe camera/sound cards and rotation drives. 

Back 2 of 2 - Netflix Archival Storage

After media has been uploaded into the Netflix Data Center Storage, media will be copied into the archival storage tier. To monitor this, you will need to log into our Content Hub web portal and navigate to the Footage Ingest tab. 

Any time uploads are triggered from the MacOS Desktop application ("Netflix Footage Uploader"), it will show up in this Content Hub page.  However here you can track not only the 1st copy, but also the archival copy.    



Figure C

Once this archival and verification has completed, you'll see the status turn to completed and you'll also get a confirmation email.  Now that the archival copy has been made and verified, Netflix does not require any additional copies of the media to exist. 


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