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• Originals Credit Translations

The above document (linked) serves exclusively as a translation reference.
For formatting of on-screen text in timed text assets (e.g. use of quotes, parenthesis, hyphens), please refer to the Timed Text Style Guide for your language.

This sheet contains official translations of our most common Credits, as approved by the Netflix team. Edits and additions are made occasionally, and we do try our best to update the change log on the sheet.

If any changes are made to the Credits while you are working on a project, please keep your Credits for in-flight projects as is. You only need to use the updated Credit in future projects. However, if you have concerns about consistency or any concerns due to the high visibility of your project, please reach out to our Localization team for that show via Zendesk. 

If you have a question, concern, or have general feedback for any of these Credits, click Provide feedback on this style guide at the bottom of this page.




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