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Four TTSGs have received minor updates this month. Spanish, Indonesian, Filipino and Japanese have been edited as follows. Please refer to the individual change logs for more detail.


  • All references to Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish have been replaced with Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America) throughout the guidelines, including the title itself
  • Two minor edits have been made to the italics section
  • Due to the title change, please note that this TTSG now appears on page 2 of the alphabetized list


  • The SDH section was updated with points covering dialects and code switching


  • Additional guidance has been added about how to handle name formatting for Japanese, Chinese or Korean content
  • Typos and line breaks have been corrected across a few sections: continuity, quotation marks, references
  • Additional exceptions have been added to the on-screen text section
  • Expanded guidance about use of imperial measurements has been added
  • Additional guidance about language labelling in SDH has been added


  • For Japanese SDH, the dual speakers section has been expanded to include rules about contained sentences. Guidance about avoiding italics in sound labels and speaker IDs has also been added

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