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Grand Bazaar

International Dubbing - Post Partnerships & Integration

Grand Bazaar was designed to scale bidding on all Netflix Original content and keep information centralized in one tool.


If confirmed as an approved partner to deliver directly to Netflix, you will receive an invitation link to register your facility into Grand Bazaar. Click on “Accept Invitation” to begin the process. Images below for reference.


We suggest creating a distribution list email in this section so all necessary parties on your end are aware of an incoming Netflix bid.


In this section, please select all services that your facility has been approved to create and deliver.


Receiving a Bid from Netflix

When a Netflix user requests a bid from your facility, you will receive a notification via email that will link you back to Grand Bazaar. Note that a notification is also present in the tool via the “bell” icon located at the top right next to “Log Out”. Images below for reference.



Project Bid Information

In your Dashboard, a list of all services will appear. Clicking on a Project Bid will take you to the pertinent information. Please ensure that you click on the “i” next to the project name in order to view the project bid details in its entirety. Images below for reference.


Submitting a Bid

Clicking “Submit Offer” in the above image will take you to the next page to enter your bid details. Once you are complete, click “Submit” to send your bid to Netflix. Note that you can leave a comment and adjust the proposed timeline for your bid submission. Images below for reference.


Proposed timeline to be set by Partner if current service due dates are not attainable.




Countering a Bid

In some instances, Netflix may counter the initial bid. To submit a new offer, click “Counter Offer”.





Winning a Bid

If your bid has been selected for the service, you will be notified via email and the “bell” icon. In addition, the status of your bid will update from “Active” to “Hired”. Note that we select a bid based on a number of factors outside of price (metrics, customer service, past projects, etc…).


Posting Final Costs

Once the project is complete, Final Costs will need to be posted. Click into the service project as normal and click “Post Final” to submit the final costs prior to submitting an Invoice. Note that our team will review these costs and approve them. Images below for reference.







Please submit a ticket by clicking the “Support” button next to the “bell” icon. For Project specific inquiries, your Netflix contact will be listed in the Project details. Image below for reference.


Change Log


  • Added language regarding updating of proposed timelines in cases where current service due dates are not attainable.
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