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Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar was designed to scale bidding on all Netflix Original content and keep information centralized in one tool. This article provides an overview of the end-to-end workflow on Grand Bazaar as well as other key information. 


Table of Contents:


If confirmed as an approved partner to deliver directly to Netflix, you will receive an email invitation to register your facility in Grand Bazaar. Click on “Accept Invitation” to begin the process.


When providing Contact Details, we suggest creating an email distribution list, so that all necessary personnel in your organization are aware of an incoming Netflix bid.


In the Service Categories section, select only the services that your facility has been approved to create and deliver.



In order to set up notifications, go to Settings, then Facilities, and designate an email address for notifications to be sent to.


Receiving a Bid

When Netflix requests a bid from your facility, you will receive an email notification, with a link back to Grand Bazaar. A notification is also present in the tool via the bell icon in the upper right.


All open bids are listed under the Service Requests section.


Project Bid Information

In your Dashboard, a list of all Service Requests will appear. Clicking on a Project Bid will take you to the pertinent information. Please click on Read More on the right-hand panel to view the entire project bid details.


Submitting a Bid

Clicking Submit Offer in the above image will take you to the next page to enter your bid details. Select the drop-down option to expand project details. 


If service dates are available, and your facility can meet them, select Populate Service Dates. If current service due dates are not attainable, please propose a timeline.


Leave a comment to provide any additional details on your offer.


Once you are complete, click Submit to send your bid to Netflix.


Countering a Bid

In some instances, Netflix may counter the initial bid. To submit a new offer, click Counter Offer.



A history of all offers are shown on the service.


Rejecting a Bid

If you choose to decline a bid due to capacity and/or timeline reasons, please make sure to select Reject Request and select a dropdown reason or input your comments before submitting.


Please select a reject reason and/or leave a comment.


Winning a Bid

If your bid has been selected for the service, you will be notified via email and the bell icon in the upper right. In addition, the status of your bid will update from Active to Hired

Note: All Unannounced titles will automatically display the title name upon hire.




Automated billing is one of the highlights of the Grand Bazaar system. Each Friday, Grand Bazaar will sync with Netflix’s internal financial system. After this sync occurs, you will see a PO# appear next to your hired bids in the Grand Bazaar UI.

Hired Status Bids

Each Hired bid will automatically generate a PO# for your Invoice. You will also receive an automated email with the PO attached, and an updated copy of the PO for approved final or overage bids.


Note that Partner are no longer be required to email a POR to the SubsDubs@netflix.com distribution.

Posting Final Costs

Once the project is complete, Final Costs will need to be posted. Click into the service project and click Post Final Bid to submit the final costs prior to submitting an Invoice. Note that our team will review these costs and approve them.



Templates can be found under the Final Process tab when posting a final bid.


Line Items

While providing final costs, please ensure costs are being input in the correct line items pertaining to that cost.

line item.png

You will see a breakdown of your overall bid into two categories: exception costs and base rate. We define the exception rate as a line item amount that causes an overage to the total cost of an initial bid.


The following line items are considered exceptions


  • Talent (Star, Established, & Child only)

  • Voice Talent Kits (VTKs)

  • Pick Ups

  • Lead Sheet

  • Forced Sub

  • Rush

  • Songs

  • M&E QC

  • Dialogue Density


  • Exceptions

  • Studio Overhead (SAG Only)


Definition of Exceptions:

Voice Casting Approval (VTK) Includes discovery, providing custom voice recordings.
Celebrity Talent and/or Original Talent Talent payments for local celebrity or original (OV) talent recording fees. There will be specifics around this requested by Netflix. Inclusive of assignment of rights.
Established Voices Talent payments for the established voice talent recording fees specific to the original on screen actor being dubbed. Inclusive of assignment of rights.
Child Talent Talent payments for dubbing completed by children (minor aged talent). Inclusive of assignment of rights.
Exceptions Exception based fees previously approved by Netflix Dubbing contact.
Forced Sub Fees for creation and delivery of forced narrative files if requested by Netflix.
Rush Fees applicable when the completion of work is rushed due to Netflix schedule shifts which require the studio to deliver within a truncated timeline and not in line with the scope of work.
Songs Fees for all relevant song dubbing costs as per Netflix Creative instructions. Song template should be downloaded from GB, completed in its entirety, and costs should be inclusive of all lyricist, talent, and studio fees. Costs should be itemized by song/recording and attributed to the correct episode (when applicable).
M&E QC QC of Netflix provided M&E source asset. Only applicable if requested by Netflix.
Pick Ups Applicable to studio time spent recording pick ups and QC. Inclusive of costs for recordist, editor, mixer, QCer, and/or technical staff. Reserved for unforeseen pick ups requested by Netflix (ex. creatives changes to the dub/ final media). Please note that any changes between the locked and final media should be already included in the base rate.
Dialogue Density High line count as applicable and allowable by local laws and/or union regulation. Only applicable if approved by Netflix.
ATMOS Inclusive of studio time spent in ATMOS mixing/editing rooms, inclusive of costs for mixer, editor, QCer, and technical staff.
Lead Sheet Creation of high quality, QC-ed localization focused musical notation for the vocals accurate to on screen content.
Studio Overhead Costs anticipated under the MSA could range from insurance to security compliance, to document administration (time/filing/correspondence), costs due to any change in our deliverables that is not captured elsewhere in a line item.
Editing/Mixing/QC Inclusive of studio time spent in mixing/editing rooms, inclusive of costs for mixer, editor, QCer, and technical staff.
Archival Assets Fees for creation and delivery of archival assets as outlines in the Netflix Scope of Work (as recorded dubbing script, Localized Mix Project Files, 5.1 + 2.0 Near Field Dialogue Audio Stem: Localized Version, ATMOS Near Field Dialogue Audio Stem (if applicable))
Project Management (DTDS or Subassignee) Fees applicable to project management staff (or subassigned studio) services through the duration of the dubbing creation.
HQ Project Management Payments for HQ administrative project management staff services through the duration of the dubbing creation. For HQ partners, please note the HQ project management price (6.5% recommended) here.
Dubbing Talent Payment for recording time for main and secondary talent (inclusive of show up fee if applicable, buyouts, social fees, assignment of rights)
Translation and Adaptation Translation and adaptation creation, dub script QC and assignment of rights. Fees for detection (if applicable) listed here. Inclusive of KNP management and vertification.
Studio Time Inclusive of studio time spent in recording room, inclusive of costs for engineer and technical staff.
Dubbing Director Payment for Dubbing director time spent reviewing, adapting (if applicable), recording, QC and/or review during editing and mixing. Inclusive of assignment of rights.
Technical Staff Staff/Technical/Engineer personnel payment for Dubbing assistant, recordist, editors, QCs.
Dub Cards (Text Based) Fees for texted based input of dubbing credits into the Dub Card tool.
Talent Fees (SAG) Specific to SAG. Payment for recording time for main and secondary talent (inclusive of show up fee if applicable, buyouts, social fees, assignment of rights).
Talent Fees (Japanese) Specific to Japanese Dubs. Payment for recording time for main and secondary talent (inclusive of show up fee if applicable, buyouts, social fees, assignment of rights).
Dionysus Talent Buyout Specific to Greek Buyout fees. Automated by Grand Bazaar, based on talent count and runtime bracket.
Theatrical Buyouts Buyouts for Theatrical rights if requested by Netflix.
Theatrical AD Conformance Conformance of Audio Description to Theatrical version content.
Theatrical Mixing Inclusive of studio time spent in Theatrical mixing/editing rooms, inclusive of costs for mixer, editor, QCer, and technical staff.
Theatrical translator, adaptor, and/or dub director Personnel payment for time spent on Theatrical translation, adaptation and/or directing.


Talent Template

Please make sure to always download the latest template and use the dropdown selection menu.


Song Template

Please make sure to always download the latest template and ensure the timecodes are in the following format (hh:mm:ss).  Otherwise, the template will not properly upload.


Click Submit once you have entered all costs.


After submission


Talent Fees Update

As of OCT 31, 2019, Grand Bazaar has a new line item update that will impact how you input talent fees. While the talent fees were previously inputted holistically according to the talent type, the new update allows you to input talent fees on an individual talent basis. 

Please note that any title that has been in flight or assigned to you prior to OCT 31 will not have the new individual talent fees submission requirement.


  • Talent type(s) include: Primary, Secondary, Kid, Star, and Established.
    • Primary: typically your main cast members
    • Secondary: typically supporting cast members
    • Kid: child voice talent
    • Star: high-profile, star talent
    • Established: established voice talent for a high-profile, star talent in the original production
  • Unit type(s) include: Per HourPer LoopPer Line, Per Minute, Flat Rate, Manual POR.
  • Calculation logic is embedded to reflect base rate multiplied by # of selected unit type.
  • Other button functionalities include Duplicate talentDelete talent, and Add new talent
  • Grand Bazaar automatically calculates:
    • Individual talent fee based on rate and number of units
    • Sub-total talent cost with all individual talent fees aggregated
    • Total talent count, ie. number of talents

Final Status Bids

Ten days prior to the service end date, Grand Bazaar will send a notification reminding you to update your bid with final costs. Please alert your Netflix partner if your estimated service end date changes. Entering your final bid includes updating your runtime, your costs by line item, and your service end date. Final bids will then stay in Pending Approval status until a Netflix user approves the update.


If a Netflix user approves the final bid, you will receive a system generated email with the updated (final) PO attached. You will then use this Final PO to create your invoice. All invoices will continue to be emailed to the streamingap@netflix.com and SubsDubs@netflix.com distributions for payment.

Overage Status Bids

If you incur additional costs after the Final bid has been approved, you will have the opportunity to create an Overage bid within Grand Bazaar. This process works exactly the same way as a Final bid. If the Overage is approved, you will receive an updated PO reflecting the additional costs.

If the Overage is not approved, the Netflix user will provide context as to why.

Cancellation (Withdrawn) Status

There are two scenarios where a service could be cancelled. The first is when a service is cancelled by the Netflix user before your team has completed any work. The second is when a service is cancelled after your team has partially or fully completed the work.

If no work has been done for the service, you will receive a notification from Grand Bazaar that the service has been withdrawn. You will also receive an updated PO with the impacted service lines withdrawn. If all services associated with that project are cancelled, you will receive notification that the entire corresponding PO is cancelled.

If work has been completed towards a cancelled service, you will receive notification of this from Grand Bazaar. All impacted lines, or the entire existing PO, will be cancelled.  To capture the cost of work already completed, the Netflix user will create a cloned version of the cancelled service(s), allowing you to submit a bid for the amount of the service already rendered. Once this bid has been approved, you will be emailed a new PO which you can use to complete the billing process.

What's New

We have added a section dedicated to providing our users the latest updates made in Grand Bazaar.  Note, any text in blue can be expanded to provide further detail. 




Please submit a ticket by clicking the Support button next to the bell icon. For project specific inquiries, your Netflix contact will be listed in the Project details. Image below for reference.



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