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The Supplemental Localization Team

The Supplemental L10n Team is the team at Netflix that is responsible for overseeing the fulfillment and QC of all localized trailer assets. The Supplemental L10n team (not the Dubbing Team) is the entity that places the Dub/Dialogue stems (DX stems) and secondary audio orders for trailers.

1. What are Supplemental Video Assets?

Supplemental assets are short-form content like trailers, recaps, featurettes, etc. There are two categories of Supplemental Assets:

1.1 Marketing: These supplemental assets are used outside of the Netflix service on social platforms (YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, etc), for TV, Partner or Theatrical purposes.

May include special messaging such as Date Announces, Coming Soon, etc.

1.2 Service: These supplemental assets are used exclusively on the Netflix platform.

The main difference between Marketing and Service assets are the presence of localized graphics. Marketing Assets will have localized graphics burned into the AV, while Service Assets keep the cards in the original language and use Forced Narratives (Forced Subs) for localization purposes. 

                Marketing Supplemental                        vs.                    Service Supplemental

image2.png          image3.png

Service and Marketing trailer orders are placed separately by the Supplemental localization (L10n) team as they are originated by two different groups within Netflix: 

  • Marketing Orders are placed by AV Producers.
  • Service Orders are placed by Title Operations.

2. Title and Asset Types

2.1 Marketing-Supported Titles 

Titles having marketing support fall under this category (i.e. will have Trailer spots on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.) Localized assets include Subtitles, Dubbed Audio and Graphics.

Note: Marketing Trailer spots may be used for the Netflix platform. The Title of the spot may change. For example: A Marketing Trailer spot may be titled “Kids” while the Service version of the Trailer spot may be titled as “Thematic 01”.

2.2 Service-Only Titles

Titles that will not have marketing support fall under this category. These titles will have Supplemental assets only on the Netflix platform. Localized assets include Subtitles and Dubbed Audio. No localized graphics. Forced narratives will be utilized to translate the text.


3. Expected Turnarounds/SLAs 

The expected turnaround for the Dialogue Stems order is 5-8 days. The due date will always be indicated in the order email. Please flag to us as soon as possible if you need more time.

4. Communication (is key…)

  • All inquiries and updates regarding a specific trailer order should be done in the original order email thread, not in separate emails. This is important because all the relevant people in the order are copied in the original email thread so they can have visibility of the progress and jump in when necessary.
  • The subject line of the original ordering email will contain the name of the title, the name of the trailer spot, the runtime and the trailer type (Service or Marketing).
    • Example: “Stranger Things - Festival Spot - 00:00:27 - Marketing”
  • Please always confirm receipt of the order within 24 hours via the email thread.
  • Please respond to our inquiries regarding a project within 24 hours, as well, since we work with very tight turnaround times and often in different time zones. 

5. Reference Materials

Trailer email orders will include links (via VanDam or another platform) for a locked video and an EDL or script (if available). Please note that we always attempt to source an EDL or script that you can use for reference. However, this is not always possible.

6. Voice Casting & Talent Availability

If you receive a dub order for a title where the voice casting has not been finalized, please flag to us. If the voice casting is finalized and the trailer requires new recording but the talent is unavailable, please flag to us as well.

Keeping consistency with the talent voices used in the long-form/parent title is of the utmost importance to our team. The use of soundalikes should happen strictly in exceptional cases where there is no other way to fulfill the order. In these exceptional cases where soundalikes have to be used for a trailer, they should be previously approved by Netflix.

7. Delivery 

7.1 Dub (DX) Stems (for Marketing-Supported Titles)

If you are delivering Dub (DX) stems, you will be delivering to our VanDam platform via the link shared in the order email. The link provided will take you to the appropriate delivery folder and the Dub (DX) stems should be uploaded there.

For further context, please refer to this article: VanDam - Delivering Short Form Content

**Should you have any issues accessing VanDam via the link provided, please be sure to follow up on the trailer order email thread.**

7.2 Full Mix Secondary Audio (For Service-Only Titles)

Full mix secondary audio files (2.0, 5.1 or 2.0 + 5.1, best available) will be delivered to Backlot. Note that 5.1 to 2.0 fold down is acceptable.

For further context, please refer to this article: Backlot Delivery Instructions for Fulfillment Partners

Please see this article for more information regarding deliverables: Product Trailer - Deliverables

For information regarding PO's and invoicing, please refer to this article: Localization Billing Instructions - Trailers

8. Contact

For any additional questions or clarifications, please reach out to us at contentloc-trailers@netflix.com







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