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NP3 HQ Dubbing Global Project Management SLA / SOW

Netflix outsources Audio localization services either Direct to Dubbing Studios - DTDS or via a Partner that is commissioned to manage and deliver multiple languages; a Dubbing Global Project Manager.

The NP3 HQ Dubbing Global Project Management SLA / SOW document defines Netflix's expectations of the Dubbing Global Project Manager.

Dubbing Global Project Management is defined as a service. A qualified Dubbing Global Project Manager (DGPM) is a vendor that specializes in managing audio localization services globally selected and vetted by Netflix, per the guidelines outlined below.

A DGPM is required to support the following services, utilizing in-house resources for oversight and subcontracted resources for language fulfillment :

  • Audio Localization
  • Audio Description
  • Any future services defined by Netflix

Requirements have been broken down into a number of categories to help DGPMs align with our expectations and to outline where certain responsibilities lie during a project.

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