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The logic and workflow mirrors that of VTK (voice test kit) fulfillment; Dub rep will create a clip, notify Dub partner, and Dub partner will fulfill the request with recorded audio from talent. These moment requests can be requested before a mix, or after mixing depending on the context and complexity of the clip. 

  1. Netflix representative determines creative review is required for a given show.
  2. Netflix representative creates and submits a Moments clip from the latest video reference.
  3. A new Moments review request is created and all assigned partners are notified.
  4. Partner receives a request via email, enters casting approval tool, and from the Moments tab reviews Moments clip; content, title, duration, description field. 
  5. Dub representative may have specific instructions for recorded clip 5. Partner downloads clip (mp4) and can either reference the locked or final cut in their recording session for timecode in and out, or utilize the exact Moments clip to record against in their digital audio workstation.
  6. Much like VTK fulfillment and/or Premix WAV fulfillment, the Moments audio WAV file must match the Moments Clip exactly in length.
  • Must be .wav file 
  • Must be 16 or 24bit/48KHZ
  • ‘As-recorded’ Channel Count: 1, as multi mono
  • ‘Mixed’ Channel Count: 1, as stereo interleaved
  • We will validate that the length of the .wav file matches the length of the requested clip. If it does not, we will reject the upload with an error.
  • Must have appropriate naming scheme: [Title]_[Talent]_Moments_[ AsRecord/Mixed ].wav 

Approval Process: Once Netflix reviews your submitted audio, Netflix can provide creative review feedback via the comments section of Moments tab and the partner will receive an email notification. Pending the outcome of the creative review, Netflix will work with partner on next steps. 

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