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Based on the most frequently asked questions and issues, this article explains & clarifies best practices and common trouble-shootings for the Dub Card tool. 


Modifying studio name and logo 


Please note that all episodes under the season have to be open in order to modify/upload studio name and logo. If you have already submitted some of the episodes and wish to modify the studio name and logo, please submit a Zendesk ticket so Netflix personnel can reopen all episodes. 


Creating New Character/Talent Names  

In the character name and talent name fields, if you start typing the name you will have the option to choose “Create New” to add role/talent names. 

Screen_Shot_2020-07-28_at_4.55.07_PM.png (Create Character Name) 

Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_3.26.08_PM__2_.png(Search/Create New Talent)

When entering Talent Name (both original and localized), always search first before creating new talent. Once a new talent is created, the name remains on our database. Entering a new name for the same talent will create duplicates.

Note: That there’s no option to create a Role Name for the Crew. Roles for the crew are standardized to avoid conflict. If you have a suggested role, please submit a Zendesk ticket by clicking “Request help”


Adding/Deleting Roles

You can add roles by Clicking Add more button, and delete roles by hovering the mouse over, and by clicking the trash icon.



Submitting an Episode vs. All Episodes 

Click the arrow on the submit button. Do not Submit all unless you are ready to submit Cards for all episodes.


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