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In order for the Media Suite Client to work properly within your network environment, the following services should be made accessible via your facility's firewall rules. If you have not configured your network to integrate with Content Hub before, you can refer to the link below for base Content Hub firewall settings.

Existing services used by Content Hub:

Please refer to What are Netflix's Aspera IP Addresses and Port Ranges? 

NEW Services in addition to Content Hub:

These services should be enabled along with the existing base Content Hub services at outlined in the link above.

Netflix Access Service

  • Hostname: nflxaccess.prod.netflix.net
  • IPs:,,
  • TCP: 443

Intrepid transport servers

  • Hostname: intrepid.prod.netflix.net
  • IPs:,,,,,
  • TCP: 443

Media Suite Service

  • Hostname: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net
  • IPs:,,
  • TCP: 443, 8980
  • Hostname: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflixstudios.com
  • IPs:,,
  • TCP: 443, 8980

Cdrive API

  • Hostname: cdriveapi.prod.netflixstudios.com
  • IPs:,,
  • TCP Port: 7004

PyChapi Auto Downloads

  • Hostname: chpegasus-stargate.prod.netflixstudios.com:443

  • Hostname: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflixstudios.com:8980


Change Log

04/27/2022: Added Pychapi hostnames. 

05/26/2021: Added Cdrive API and updated to include Media Suite. 



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