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The Media Suite Desktop Client is a new tool that enables you to set up automatic downloads of assets from Content Hub Mailbox workflows to your local storage.

System Requirements


OS X (version 10.12 or greater)




Ubuntu 20, Amazon Linux 2

Installation Instructions


1. Download the app: Mac


2. Right click the DMG and select “Open” 

You may be prompted to “trust” the application during this step.


3. Once the DMG has been opened, drag the app into Applications


4. Launch media-suite-desktop-app from Applications


5. When the app opens, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Netflix Partner credentials.



6. The first time signing in, you’ll be asked to run a test of your network speed


7. When that’s finished, you’ll be taken to the main screen which displays any ongoing or completed transfers.



If the desktop client picks up multiple deliveries on a single “check-in” these deliveries will be grouped together into a single download session.


Windows and Linux 

1. Download the app: Linux Windows


2. Click to Open


3. When the app opens, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Netflix Partner credentials


4. The first time signing in, you’ll be asked to run a test of your network speed


5. When that’s finished, you’ll be taken to the main screen which displays any ongoing or completed transfers.


Mailbox Subscriptions

Mailbox subscriptions are tied to each Media Suite Desktop Client instance and allow you to self-service opt-in to auto-downloads for different types of mailbox deliveries. If the mailbox subscription is selected on two clients, they will both receive the auto-download. Each subscription is “off” by default and needs to be enabled after the initial Media Suite Desktop client installation. 

If the subscription is grayed out, you may no longer have access to this type of mailbox delivery and will not receive the auto-downloads.


You can manage your Mailbox subscriptions in Preferences. In the top right of your Media Suite App, click on the gear icon. 


From the subscriptions tab, you can toggle which mailboxes you wish to subscribe to.


Where are the files downloaded?

By default files are downloaded to a folder named netflix-media-suite within the Downloads folder.

You can change where the files are downloaded within the Transfer tab of Preferences.



*Auto-downloads will be saved to a “movie id” folder located at the configured Download location. Example: /Users/yourusername/MediaSuiteDownloads/123456/… for “movie id” 123456. Movie id’s are visible on the Mailbox subscriptions section of the Information tab.

Auto update

When the application starts it will check for any updates. Any updates will be auto-downloaded and will take effect after the app is restarted. You’ll be notified once the updates have been downloaded and the app is ready to be restarted.


Debugging information

Log files

Logs are located at: 


~/Library/Logs/Netflix\ Media\ Suite/ 


“$env:USERPROFILE\AppData\Roaming\media-suite-desktop-app\Netflix Media Suite\logs\"



You can submit your logs for debugging by going to the General tab of Preferences and clicking the Submit Logs button.


Launch the app in debug mode

Close the application and start it via command line in debug mode …


/Applications/Netflix\ Media\ Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/media-suite-desktop-app DEBUG=1


$env:DEBUG='1'; & "$env:USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\Programs\media-suite-desktop-app\Netflix Media Suite.exe"


~/Downloads/Netflix Media Suite-0.10.1.AppImage DEBUG=1 


Get client id of the app



Verify connectivity to Pegasus Stargate

$ curl pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net:8980


Expected output:

curl: (52) Empty reply from server


User identity certificates location








Troubleshooting client offline alerts

1. Please make sure the machine on which the Media Suite Desktop Client was installed is online and is connected to the internet


2. Ensure that the Media Suite Desktop Client application is started and running


3. Verify that the status in the top bar says Connected. 


If the Media Suite Desktop client does not start up or the network status isn’t Connected shortly after the client is started, please ensure that your machine and network infrastructure allows access to Netflix services as listed in our IP allow-listing documentation


You should be able to verify connectivity to our TCP based services listed in the IP allow-listing documentation with a curl command similar to the following.



curl -v pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net:8980

* Rebuilt URL to: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net:8980/

*   Trying


* Connected to pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net ( port 8980 (#0)

> GET / HTTP/1.1

> Host: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net:8980

> User-Agent: curl/7.54.0

> Accept: */*


* Empty reply from server

* Connection #0 to host pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net left intact

curl: (52) Empty reply from server


Errors similar to the following will indicate that there is an issue with network access and a firewall rule may need to be added to allow access to Netflix services.

* Connection failed

* connect to port 8980 failed: Connection refused

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